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Website Development
Every brand has something unique to offer. To be able to creatively perceive, package and present this uniqueness to its precise target group, is the essence of a successful online brand strategy.

Development Solutions
Over the last many years, the team at ESS has built and delivered customized systems and solutions for e-Commerce, Content Management, Graphic Web Design, Work-flow Applications, Database and Dynamic content, Community Websites, Portals and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Link Building.

The team at ESS is experienced in developing sites and applications in various web technologies like PHP, .Net (using C# and VB.Net), ColdFusion, Perl and Java using latest technologies like Ant, Struts, Velocity, Hibernate, etc. Also proficient in related technologies such as XML, Ajax, COM, DCOM, MTS (Microsoft Message Queue), JBOSS and databases like Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, Berkeley DB, and Fire Bird, etc.; ESS provides a substantial base for competently addressing all your technology-based requirements.

Internet Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optmization)
Search engines generate nearly 90% of all Internet traffic and are responsible for 55% of all E-commerce transactions. The essential objective of each Search Engine is to provide the most relevant results to its users. Today, it is essential for all online businesses to make SEO an integral part of their online business strategy. ESS helps you define, evolve and implement a powerful SEO strategy to leverage your online business potential. Working with this main objective in mind, the SEO Team at ESS, uses its expertise and proven set of ethical, white-hat techniques to provide focused, optimized online content, navigation, code, etc to make it more search engine friendly, and therefore, naturally rank higher.  
SEO Methodology
Our SEO program is a powerful and thoroughly researched solution. All our Search Engine Optimization projects are handled by experts and follow a systematic process to analyze and deep-optimize websites using proven ethical techniques. We carry out each SEO project as per the following methodology:

Initial Analysis:
The initial site analysis is designed to research the site’s current indexing in search engines, uncover problem areas & challenges and evaluate its current traffic trends.
Keyword Research:
Keyword research is the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. Objective is not just to research high-traffic keywords but to identify keywords, which have high relevance to the site, have high potential for conversion, have high potential to rank, and have lower competition so that the SEO campaign gives optimum performance to each dollar spent.
Site Optimization:
Site optimization involves a careful handling of the SEO process. Keywords are grouped based on LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) assessment and page themes. On-page optimization includes Title & Meta tags optimization, image optimization, anchor text and title attributes optimization and on-page text markups for best performance. Other aspects like error pages and sitemaps are handled for easy indexing and higher rankings.
Site Submission:
Site is submitted to top search engines, Alexa, industry directories and industry yellow pages. Site announcements and press releases are carried out where applicable.
Throughout each step, the SEO team interacts with the client and valuable inputs and feedback are taken and incorporated, wherever possible.
Link Building:
The number of links pointing to your site from other sites denotes the importance of your site to search engines and plays a crucial role in determining the ranking of website in SERPs. In order to gain PR and attain high rankings for focused keywords, you will need a large number of quality inbound links. Good links also bring in substantial amount of direct traffic. We have an experienced link building team which can provide you quality one-way links abiding by our ethical and efficient link buiding guidelines. We constantly innovate and add new link building techniques to get your site maximum mileage from quality links.

Link Building Methodology
Campaign Scope Analysis:
The campaign scope analysis is designed to research the quantity and quality of site’s back-links.
Basic Keyword research:
To identify keywords, which have high relevance to the site, have high potential for conversion, have high potential to rank, and have lower competition so that the LB campaign gives optimum performance to each dollar spent.

Anchor Text / Description:
We make anchor text descriptions in such a way that they are not only enticing enough but it also enhances the relevance of the target page.

Exclusion List / Category List:
The category list is made in such a way that it covers all the industry related services and products so as to derive maximum targeted traffic to the website.
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