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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
Do you feel that your organization is weighed down by an overabundance of data, but lacks sufficient information to develop business insight? Does your management have ready access to quality information to make the right decisions at the right time?

ESS’ Business Intelligence service helps companies to become proactive and “information agile.” Companies are able to quickly respond to problems and take immediate advantage of opportunities. We assess the huge amount of transactional data that you have, and help you extract knowledge and insight from your data.


  Our end-to-end BI services leverage our business and domain knowledge, best practice expertise, partnerships with BI tool vendors and extensive technical expertise. Reducing the time, resources, and cost associated with managing data, our flexible solutions enable you to gain valuable insight, literally on the fly.
Business Intelligence Assessment
Assess effectiveness of current BI systems including the need to re-engineer or build newer ones, benchmark current effectiveness against industry, measure ROI, evaluate solutions and tools
BI Strategy and Roadmap Development
Build a business case, help achieve management consensus, manage analytical capabilities to drive business performance

BI Architecture and Planning
Perform business analysis, enterprise architecture definition, conceptual design, tools recommendation, initial planning
Information Management Alignment
Align process methodologies, define data governance model, balance needs of various business areas, ensure effective metadata and master data management
Data Acquisition and Integration
Identify relevant source entities and attributes, ensure dimensional conformation, clear performance bottlenecks, carry out data cleansing and data quality checks
Data Modeling
Develop schema definitions, develop data marts – enterprise, dependent, independent
Data Crunching
Define aggregation rules, hierarchy roll-up algorithms, base and computed measures, time-series analysis
Data Presentation
Define reports, prepare universe, define and build cubes, publish reports, slice and dice, drill-up, drill-down and drill-through
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